Thursday, 8 September 2011

Home Again

There is a 'recycled homeware' shop in Epping that Mum and I visited not long after we got back to Australia. It's full of Vintage (note the capital letter) there was so much in there that even though we hurried we were there for over an hour.

There is such a surge of vintage objects in what is fashionable in terms of home wares and clothing style... I don't see the function of a lot of it, but I would have loved to get my hands on about half of that shop (if not more) They charge, what to me, is a ridiculous amount of money for other peoples old things though and I am just fine without collections of old match books/boxes or decorative spoons.

One of the best things about the place I thought was looking through other peoples old photo albums... despite the voyeuristic nature of the whole thing. It didn't seem quite right that there were so many family photos there, and made me wonder about the descendants of those who were in the photos. There is something so evocative about seeing the lives of people in times past through photographs, more so than just being surrounded by their old possessions.

When I can find a purpose for some of the things there I think I might head back for another hour or so marathon hunt through the treasures.


  1. one thing on my life's to do list is to collect all those old photo albums and set up a website showing them all. Calling for descendants to claim them. Don't you think there would be a huge altruistic joy in that? I do. It's almost painful to see them wasting and cheapened by a price tag.