Saturday, 17 December 2011


A few days ago I went through all the photos I have on my computer and thought deep thoughts about the meaning of life and how motherhood has shifted my perspective on things... you know... pretentious intellectual stuff.

It's not the end of the year yet, but I'm unlikely to think about this later, so here it is. I am already planning to "seize the day" for the whole of 2012 (much like I did this time last year) but (as always) I am convinced next year will be different.

We shall see.

This reviewing the year exercise has illustrated a few things to me.
Those things being:
  • I take a lot of photos of Gabriel. 
  • I take many photos of Kyle. 
  • I take very few photos of me. (the key words there being 'I take' which means the photos I have are myspace beauties from arms length)
  • It takes me longer to lose weight than I think it does... 
  • Much like a small nomadic tribe, we have traveled a fair bit this year. 
  • We have lived out of suitcases for an annoying length of time. 
  • I never want to move again. 
So here it is. 2011

 We lived in Sydney.
I turned ... older. 

Stayed with Uncle Hugh and Aunty Dorothy

Art Galleries and Games Workshop

Gabriel learned how to crawl

Packed the house up.

Moved to Rarotonga (via New Zealand). 
Visited Aitutaki.
Went to the beach lots. 

Gabe learned how to walk. (ie. the beginning of the end)

Ended our contract in Raro, headed back to Sydney

Kyle's birthday. 
Gabriel's first (proper) hair cut.

Gabe survived one whole year of us being his parents. 

Moved to our own place.
Close to pools, parks, cemeteries and shops (ie. perfect)

Our first Christmas in our own place. 
Gabriel's new best friend is Peter Weatherall.

Bring on the new year (after Christmas naturally.)... just maybe skip the part where its my birthday again.


  1. I LOVE your recap of the year AND it's insane seeing photos of Gabe that little! I think your move was perfect too...mostly because now we're neighbours! :D

  2. I love your review of 2011 and never tire of seeing Gabriel, You and Kyle (there is no significance to that order!) ;)