Wednesday, 22 February 2012

thats what he said...

Sometimes other people say things that make you laugh.

Sometimes other people say things that inspire us to be better, braver, and bolder.

Sometimes other people say things that make you sit back and think, "oh yeah, that's totally true" and your view on the world is ever so slightly altered.

Sometimes other people just say things that reflect an exact feeling that you've had and thought was unique to you, and so even though you will probably never meet them, it feels like you're connected.

Sometimes I write those things down.

I made this book just like normal but with the left over bits that come from cutting 12x12" scrapbooking paper down to A4 (for binding A5 books) After figuring out that I could do this with all my scrap paper, you can expect to see more. They are also a great size to carry about, write things in, and all that kind of stuff.

This one, in all its double sided patterned glory is going to be a quote book. Because putting inverted commas around a 2 year olds statements makes them "official"

"Mums a pimple" -Lola (age 2) 


These kinds of things have to be saved for posterity... And all those other more meaningful ones too.


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