Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I have something to say

Well actually... I'm never really sure that I do have anything to say. Anything useful that is. 

One of the reasons why I love looking at other peoples scrapbooks and sketchbooks is because there is generally writing. On top of all the photographic/design/art/awesomeness that says so much about a persons interests and cares, what they say, says a lot. (duh)

I sometimes struggle with this.
Being all poetic or poignant or profound (P!) ... you know, like everyone else seems to be.
I also don't want to spend my whole life quoting other people and expressing my feelings through the far more eloquent words of dead folks. (or living ones)

So I've been thinking - best to say it all in as few words as possible (I should have applied the sentiment to this blog post, but ah... I didn't) like all those bravely anonymous people who send in postcards to PostSecret

Be prepared for controversial secrets if you are going to be a regular at the Post Secret blog...

I like this one:
If you don't agree, go watch the trailer for Moonrise Kingdom. Please.

Straight up truth. Told simply.
I kind of like it, and with popular 'art journal' pages tending toward the busy (angry fruit salad?) and trending scrap-booking being all about negative space and simplicity, a few sentences can fit in anywhere.

So with that in mind, I have decided that every day I am going to find something to say that neatly and concisely depicts something I have thought in that day.

I'll post them up every Wednesday for the rest of the month (if I can last the month that will be awesome).

Starting today.

Gabriel, I love you, but I thought this a lot today...