Friday, 22 June 2012

"Seek me, here I come"

Another album that I like is Gravity Won't Get You High by the quirky and cool The Grates.

I didn't take a photo of the CD art all folded up, but they do cool cut out stuff too, like The Shins.
What I decided to take from this cool collage though, is that giraffe.

Its drawn on patterned paper, something which I appear to have an excess of. So I looted the scrapbooking paper stash, grabbed Gabe's toy horse for reference and got cracking. 

I sketched up a horse in pencil first and then drew around the outline in thick pen. 

Shade in other parts with another pen (ball point will do) just so that you don't entirely cover up the pattern on the paper.

Then I cut it out, making sure to keep the far outline as the thickest. Here are the two horses together... the one I drew has very weak back legs... terrible job on that one. 

I grabbed some other paper and drew up some patterns and cut out a whole lot of things that I can use later for embellishments and such in my book. All with a marker and a pair of scissors. Heck yes. 

I reckon it would be a great way to use up the scraps of paper that I have around the places, and its nice to have things in my books that I made, rather than stickers and things made by other people. Especially since the things other people made have to be paid for with money... which I often experience a shortage of. 


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