Thursday, 12 July 2012

an exercise in self-pity

I have been sick for the past five or so days. With a sinus infection which has taken away my sense of smell and taste, and therefore removed food of all the enjoyment that you derive from eating it.

I realise it's not the end of the world, and the antibiotics are very slowly slaying these sinus-blocking evil things. Still, constant headaches, tooth aches, popping ears, inability to breathe and all together general crappiness are tiring when stretched out over a week.

The most gutting part of it all is, that I missed out on the mars bar cheesecake at the brother in laws engagement, missed church (which meant missing out on Charlotte's epic cake... amongst other things), and then missed the awesome pav that my sister made at mum and dad's that night.

There is a little bit of bitterness there, could you tell?

So much so that I made a page in my art journal about it. Combining the two things that are annoying me at the moment.

  1. Taxes for our partnership.
  2. Sinus infections in a pregnant person. (Apparently it's worse when you're pregnant)


  1. Not fun! Took me ages to get over my most recent sinus infection (had to go to the docs twice) and now my sinuses are playing up yet AGAIN. Hope you're feeling better soon! When you do recover you should eat a tasty dessert to compensate for the ones you missed out on!