Friday, 14 October 2011


I scrapbook.

I mean that in a fairly loose way as my scrapbooks are a mix of sketchbooks, journals, photo albums, quote books, and all that other good stuff. Not always in the prettiest, acid free, or colour co-ordinated way, but always my way.

We (my family and I) have been taking advantage of this time off  to spend a couple of weeks with Kyle's parents in Lambs Valley, the weather has been beautiful, the baby happy and the landscape picturesque... so I have been taking photos.

All these photos bring to mind specific and special memories of when I look them. Photographed or not, our lives are made up of moments like these, not necessarily worthy of mention in a eulogy, but they are the building blocks that make up our body of experience and in the very least they (hopefully) make us interesting.

I think our spirits grow and develop in much the same way. I can't take photos of the feelings that overwhelm me when I hear certain songs, or the quiet peace I felt when holding my son just after he was born.

On my mission I noticed this more than ever.
I have photos of myself with every person who I taught who chose to be baptised, but out of shot (so to speak) were weeks or sometimes months of smaller moments. Memories that tested and strengthened my spirit, my character, and my faith.

Where you see two stylish tall white girls and a Taiwanese mother and daughter -  I see a broken fan, a drunken man, frogs, chalk drawings, steps, outspoken conversations about the future and the awesomeness of creation, running races... and two very cool opposite colour co-ordinated companions. 

I believe that it is these emotional or Spiritual Snapshots that make life beautiful, even for those who may not believe in any kind of God. It's between the lines that we can find the joy to motivate us on through the times when our hearts are broken, when the money stops, when our bodies collapse, when we forget how much we're worth, or when we lose those we love.

Like photography it takes practice to spot the moments, but to me it's more important than being able to take a beautiful photo (though I wish I were better at that too)

This is why I scrapbook/journal/sketch/collage/photograph/create... well... you get the point.


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