Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Oh hark!

I have been totally MIA from the internet lately due to moving to our new apartment which is right next to a cemetery (!!) and features a new dining table (which I built with Ikea and Kyle's assistance) where we actually eat meals together like the fraudulent 'grown ups' that we're pretending to be.

My favourite feature in this new home of ours is Gabriel's Bedroom. Where his bed lives.... a whole room away from mine. As if it was some magical domino, he now also sleeps through the night, and goes to sleep on his own when I put him in his bed for naps in the day time.
How wonderful!!

After successfully working together (and still liking each other) in Rarotonga, I have started working a few hours a day on the phones hunting down appointments for Kyle.
Gabe still gets to pester me while he's awake, I call people while he's sleeping, and in the evenings (and whenever Mum comes to distract baby) I get to unwind with some crafty goodness and art.

This is what I have come up with lately!
Lino cuts! Well... if anyone remembers doing lino cuts while at school you may recall that it can be difficult and time consuming to cut. I recently found these wonderful easy to cut (and print) rubber blocks... and after making these two prints I'm never going back!

They are all available for sale at my etsy store, but I would love to hear what you think here on the blog.

Understanding the Plan of Salvation was really a turning point in my life, kind of like in school when you suddenly understand one concept and everything falls into place... The Plan of Salvation was like that, only for my whole universe. It's difficult to express how profound an effect, the understanding of this doctrine has had in my life. As I accumulate knowledge, every piece of truth gets added to that understanding, filling my life with greater beauty and peace.

Lehi's Dream of the Tree of Life has some of the greatest symbolism of our epic struggle to obtain Exaltation. I think even those disinclined to believe in God can appreciate that with all the influences out there in the world, it can be a real struggle to be truly happy. That is the great story of Lehi's Dream. Do the hard work, never let go, get the greatest reward.

I hope to have some more to show you, I can only scan things when I am at Mum and Dad's (every weekend... ) but I am very excited about what's coming up this summer. Christmas crafty madness!!

Till then,


  1. LIKE! I like how you've kept them black and white, love the meaning and how you've put so much detail in them making it new every time you look.