Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Interactive art.

I am working on a new calendar for next year and thats meant lots of ink... I photocopied some because colouring them once for the calendar wasn't enough.

I like colouring in books.
If you were a kid who liked them, then be honest, you probably still do.

I think there should be more colouring in type things for more grown up people. I might not have grown out of colouring in books, but I'm not overly interested in Disney Princesses... (sorry) or Dora the Explorer.
(Dinosaurs on the other hand...)

I might put together some colouring in pages of my drawings. Would anyone be interested in that kind of thing?

In other news, we have found a new place to live and will be moving on Saturday, so expect a little bit of a silent period from me as I pack up the last few things that aren't already boxed and attempt to apply some organization to the chaos.


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