Monday, 16 January 2012

The lost arts

I am fed up with only getting bills, junk and the old residents mail in the letter box.

Earlier this year (or was it last?) I made a heap of envelopes, which will find their way to others real life 'inboxes' throughout the year.

If you would like one of them to be delivered to you, please leave me a comment below.

Recently there has been a spate of 'pay it forward' statuses on facebook that look like this :

Pay it forward... I promise to make something handmade for the first five people to comment. They must in turn post this and make something for the first five people that comment on their status. The rules are it must be handmade by you and they must receive it before 2012 can be as simple as making a friend some cookies! mmm cookies :)

I think its awesome, because it means things in the mail.  

I recently got called to be the youth leader of the 12-18 year old girls at my church. (That's Young Women's President to you fellow Mormon-ites) If anyone is missing out on the pure awesomeness of real mail, I think that its this generation. If you have daughters this age, or if you are part of the young women's program in your ward and would like to get them in touch with some very cool Australian girls, let me know. My girls don't know it yet, but they're all going to go back in time. 

To when people used stamps. 


  1. Ah yes, the time when people used stamps.

    I'd like mail. I'll have an address of my very own soon.

    And I think I'll write to some missionaries. They like mail too.

  2. Congratulation on the new calling! That will be so much fun for you!
    Snail mail is the best! I would love to do this with you!

  3. sOUNDS LIKE A GREAT IDEA. Sorry, caps was on and I'm typing with one hand---baby in the other. I am not sure I have your current probably don't have mine either. I'll message it to you and if you send me yours I'll send you something in the old snail mail. xx

  4. Defiantly YES I'll receive a Lady Proteus envelope in my letterbox. . And in Return I will send one of mine. Even if it takes me ages to create. xo

    1. Will be needing addresses!! If you haven't already, please email me your address to or just facebook me.