Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My waste disposal unit walks.

The marketplace/shop where I was selling my work in Parramatta is closing, which I'm a bit bummed out about. However it has helped drive me to a few conclusions. I will share them with you in a moment, but first... this is what my work looked like in the shop.

It's unlikely that anyone's noticed, but I've done exactly nothing with my etsy store for the past few months, what with all the Christmas crafting I haven't really made anything with any kind of commercial potential (that I have ever done this is open to debate)

With Making Spaces shutting their doors I now have the motivation to put some effort into my online ventures and thanks to the free six month subscription to Australian Home and Garden I got from my health insurance provider I have found my calling. (You know... hopefully... until I find that it's actually something else or whatever)

Feature art for interior design. 

So I have a book full up of projects for the coming months that are inspired by the various styles of art people hang up on their walls... just minus the absurdly pretentious price tags. (Just because it cost $159 for that TINY photo manipulated print, doesn't mean its awesome)

Anyway, Gabe's eating out of the bin. Disgusting... I'm out.


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