Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sweet sweet fantasy .... baby

Oh come on. Music Box was the total peak of Mariah's career... or at least it was pretty much the last time I  cared to learn all the words of any of her songs.

In other news, I wanted to show you these things that I made:

I like fantasy art. I think it gets a bad rap sometimes because of stereotypes, but what's not to love about heaps of fairies and buff guys with weirdly ornate swords fighting dragons next to wizards. 
So ... hopefully I can get some more scenes together with some cool story behind them, because thats the best part of art like this. Back story. 

After reading several of Loomis's books on drawing, (the only real effort I've put into learning more about the theory of drawing) I have realised that: Lines are my friends, tones are mere aquaintances and colour is a ... moody stranger. 

Adding tone to these drawings has helped me give them more depth and dimension. I like seeing the lines become transformed with the watercolour. 
Adding full colour to somewhat complex scenes like this is something I struggle with. It always seems a little... off. (Is this the problem that I have been having with fashion all these years?) Something that drawing from life would certainly help with. As soon as there are more than just a few elements involved it all falls apart.

If you have a scene or story that you would like me to draw please leave a comment below and we'll get some voting going on facebook to see which idea is the most popular. Whoever gets the most votes will get the drawing... I'll draw it and you get to keep it. (I keep the rights to it so I can resell it, but you get the original) 

Good deal? Awesome.

This is open to anyone, anywhere in the world and is a great way for you to get your friends involved (hint hint) and help me get some more views. Drawing will be A4, in ink and watercolour like the ones shown in this blog. 


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