Friday, 3 February 2012

More than Words

This is so awesome.
The original blog post can be found here. I am totally going to do this, I only have a small canvas free at the moment and conveniently I also only have room for a relatively small frame on the wall.


I have painted the canvas with that same beigey weird colour that I got from Mitre 10 for $3 (thank you mis-tints!) because I'd already painted things on the canvas... and didn't like it. I'm in the process of collecting up letters. I contemplated writing different words, or song lyrics or something, but I have the feeling that it would end up looking like a ransom note from a TV movie (which while being awesome isn't really the desired affect) I would also recommend that you take the time to find letters with a variety of colours and sizes because after looting the recycling bin I have noticed that there is a proliferation of reds, yellows and greens. If only I actually bought magazines...

I wish I had a schmick camera that had a cool lens that would take photos of flat things and not distort the edges.
I will take a photo though. You'll see.


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