Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Wall Space

Renting kind of sucks.

This is especially true when you want to hang things on the walls. Thanks to 3M and their patented (and awesome) Command strips, I now have some things on the walls. Nothing really matches anything else, but I like it just the same.

Given that I create a lot, putting things on the walls kind of keeps them from messing up the ground... If you have seen my house you know that I probably need to put more on the walls... but it's a start.

I do have small pegs somewhere...just not sure where. Those big ones look a tad ridiculous.

Geek out. Wood elf spell caster and Valkia consort of Khorne. 

Old Chinese frame mum dug up Time Team style, Gabriel's hand prints, landscape by Joyce Chitty (Kyle's artist Gran) Gabriel asleep in the lagoon and the 'i love you' canvas. Told you I would do it. 
Sorry about the blurry photos...

I have always had heaps of pictures/posters/photos up in my room. I remember spending hours sticking up pictures from magazines when I was a teenager. Now everything is in frames and my fondness for buying lots of magazines has been curbed by financial priorities, but I still like the idea of making a space more interesting by putting cool things all over it.

What do you have up in your house?

ps. Thanks Jess for the magazine, I put it to good use as you can see (or at least use). In the end I even had too many letters... definitely would look better on a bigger canvas I think, but I like how it turned out. I posted about this canvas project here


  1. It looks awesome! Glad to help in the creative process :) also I love the frame with the pictures on pegs, definitely makes it easier to change up pictures often.