Friday, 23 March 2012

Apple Blue and why you should comment on blogs

I am a chronic stalker of blogs, its true.
Too often though I don't leave comments on things that inspire, provoke, entertain, or amuse me. Why? Well, unless I know you in real life it seems a bit weird. There are about a bazillion other people who also read your blog probably, and they all leave comments and really how many times does someone need to be told they're awesome by strangers?

The thing I suppose, is that like everything on the internet, there is a filter between real life and what you see through your screen.

Until I am proven wrong I will remain convinced that everyone is human and thus sometimes have days that are utterly miserable. Bloggers too.
So I have decided to make more of an effort to participate in the whole 'interactive' part of blogs where I stop being the creepy stalker that watches without saying anything and acknowledge the work that all these people put into being inspiring, provoking, entertaining and amusing.

I am sharing all these things with you because of Apple Blue.

I only started following this blog about a month ago (if that) and I really like it and then today I saw that Amanda is giving away... heaps of stuff. I don't usually even bother with give aways (as previously mentioned... and mostly cos I didn't win straight away, it's like the lottery - and I am unlucky) but for some reason I thought that this one was great. Because she is offering her time and talents for you the hypothetical winner of the competition as well as a bunch of other awesome things.
Also I really like how approachable and personable her whole blog is. I read a lot of them and while I fail to recreate that in my own blog, I can certainly appreciate it in others.

Apple Blue

So go and check it out.
Check everything out, be moved by the efforts of all those hard working bloggers out there... and then TELL THEM ABOUT IT.

ps. Jess, this post is for you too, because I know everyone seems to comment on your facebook about your blog, and not on your blog. There's some broken logic there.


  1. #1: Eleanor, I love you!
    #2: I was totally spun out by your post. Mostly, because I wasn't paying much attention and opened up my RSS feed on my phone, I thought I clicked on the first blog in my feed (NieNie) and then started reading. I got to the P.S. and was like huh? Is that about me? Or if not, that Jess has the same thing happen as me...bizarro! Turns out you published this post as I clicked to read the first blog in my RSS app, was spinning out for a second!
    #3: I was thinking that exact same thing this morning... always on facebook, OH SO rarely on the blog. So tiring but oh well... :P
    #4: I'm guilty of blog stalking also, so I consider myself reminded how much I like comments so I need to share the love myself...Karma right?

  2. Thank you so much for everything you've said here. It really does mean a lot. : )