Sunday, 11 March 2012

I've got 25 bucks and a cracker

While I went to University, I worked in a scrapbooking shop. One of the teachers who took classes there would find paper that she liked and then dress her children in coordinating clothing so that she could make the perfect page.

Given that scrapbooking has always been (to me at least) about recording memories and things like this, fabricating said memories seems incredibly dishonest and altogether fake. My siblings and I look through our scrapbooks and laugh about moments and remember the times associated with the photos.
Not : "Oh yeah, remember that time mum dressed us in green and red and took Christmas photos of us in January cos she got that nice paper from the shop? Good times!"

After finding out that keeping journals full of art and things was actually a 'craft' (its called an 'Art Journal' ... w/e) I decided to look for some of the things that I had put together throughout my life and I found this.
I made it towards the end of my time in Taiwan doing missionary work for my church and didn't have time to write or draw much, but as you can see there were some moments that captured me enough to make it into the book. They're real, just so you know.


I didn't have lots of nice paper, or expensive paints or inks, just a desire to express something that at the time was important to me.
Honesty is the best policy. In every aspect of life, even art journals. 

I've got 25 dollars and a cracker, do you think it's enough, to get us there?


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