Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Jennifer's road to Paris

Given that today is Women's Day I thought that I would mention a pretty awesome woman that I met a few weeks ago.

Several months ago I learned about Jennifer Reid and her epic goal of running the marathon de paris for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and her personal pledge to raise $10,000.

The Marathon is still weeks away, but last weekend Jen held a great fundraising dinner and auctioned off some art (including one of my paintings which I donated - which went for $200) and she's managed to surpass her goal!!

While the tragedy of cancer helps us to reflect on life and appreciate how fleeting it all can be, I often wish that there was more that could be done to prevent so many deaths from such a prevalent and seemingly 'out of nowhere' disease that strikes both the young and old, the healthy and unhealthy.

My brother had cancer several years ago and thankfully after many prayers, much kindness from friends and family, and the competent work of lots of doctors (not to mention the cancer killing power of chemo) he's been in remission for years. Unfortunately not all stories end this way.

I am glad that I was able to help Jennifer in some way, as it's often hard to find the money to donate to causes and sometimes we forget that we have other talents that could be put to charitable use.

If you can donate to the NBCF, or want to know more about Jennifer's journey, check out her website and blog. Or just wish her luck for the marathon! I'm sure she'd appreciate it :)

Happy International Women's Day.


  1. Thanks for sharing my story Eleanor! And your beautiful painting that you so kindly donated was snapped up eagerly in the auction :) Thank you for your support xx