Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Artomology = love of the little things.

Today I went with mum to the Craft and Sewing fair - thingo - at Rosehill.

It was the usual fare, with the rain thankfully cutting back the crowds of pushy craft women who barge me with their handmade quilted/embroidered/crocheted bags to get through.
I find it difficult to make peace with the fact that I like a lot of the same things as those women.

Anyway, amidst all the crafting madness I found Jane Davenport.

For years I have been art journalling, and not known that it actually had a name. Kind of funny how that kind of thing happens. I just say that I keep ... books. Lots and lots of books with drawings and magazine cuttings, and personal experiences and quotes and photos and all that good stuff that commemorates the nice and sometimes not so nice things in life.

Jane is a pro at it. She has a wicked store in Byron's Bay which sells a heap of good stuff for people who are keen on getting into creating their own art journals. She teaches classes too, and if you think you can't draw - THINK AGAIN. Because you can. Jane says so. I do too.  She has videos on YouTube that you can check out too.

Artomology is her word, and she uses it to sum up her style, her love of the little things that sometimes get passed by (especially ladybugs)

I think that art journals are fabulous ways to express your creativity in a way that is as private or public as you are comfortable. I never liked showing people my sketch books when I was younger because I put so much of myself into them it was like exposing myself.

I'm inspired now though, expect to see more art from me SOON.
(I'll be expecting it too so hopefully between the two of us expectation will force some action. hah)


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