Sunday, 17 June 2012

Thoughts on Monday

I woke up this morning with great plans (and a complete lack of affection for my husbands alarm) dressed the boy, dressed myself, cleaned up a bit and headed out.

We caught the bus, did some shopping, ate some food and all the while he was a very well behaved little 20 month old.

... and then...

Is that a bird in the middle of the road? I better go get it! No? Let me just lie down on the curb then and see how far I can reach into the road. 
A leek! I think I should shred all the leaves off it. 
Oh, mum's shopping bags broke and all our food is spilled in the middle of the road. I'm not going to wait on the footpath where she put me, I want to splash in that filthy gutter water!

I am sure that Ky thought something was seriously wrong when I called him up crying, sitting in the cemetery (which is right beside our house) shopping bags right where I had thrown them when I went to save our selectively deaf child from being hit by a car in the gutter of a main road.
Bless him, he swung by before his next appointment and picked us up, dropped us off at home and had some stern words for Gabe. Gabriel sat very quietly, listened to his father, said "uh-huh" which I think is what he just says to make us think that he is agreeing with us (this kid must think we're chumps) and went and sat himself quietly down in front of the TV.

I haven't quite forgiven him entirely for ignoring my road side shrieks, but I'm venting now and it will never be mentioned again.

This quote came to mind, and as soon as I get off the computer, I am going to work on getting a real life version of this photo going on.
Because naps do make (most) days better... especially when its the baby who is having the nap!!


  1. Sorry to hear you had such a terrible time after things had gone so smoothly! Totally agree that naps make everything better even when it's the adult that's napping! K's been waking up at 5am for the past 10 days or so. This morning she was particularly tired after a few hours so we both had a long 2 hour nap. LOVELY! Now I'm ready to tackle all the things on my to-do list.

  2. So I posted a comment when I took a mental health break at 4pm and read your blog... it was two paragraphs long and outlined how sucky my monday had been and that i was sorry about yours. Then my monday, true to form, didn't post it and lost the paragraphs... then I was too mad to type it again, went to the dentist, got cut off by a stupid taxi and then a guy tripped me over in the middle of peak hour at Coles... true story. Naughty Gabe. I hope you got your nap.