Tuesday, 17 July 2012

a rant

Time really does go by much faster than I ever remember as a kid. 

Days must seem incredibly long to Gabriel.

Day length seems variable, based on what I have to do/want to do, and whether or not it is raining.
I have been art journaling and putting together what I hope will be a useful little course for people to download (once I get some decent not blurry photos!!) in the coming months.

Restrain your excitement.

After finishing watching all of Stargate SG1 and then Stargate Atlantis, Ky and I turned to The Walking Dead. I LOVE zombie movies, so I figured that it was only a natural progression for me to appreciate this tv series as well. I have to admit though that after passing the midway point of the second series I am disenchanted, and depressed by the characters having their moral strength chipped away by the obviously heinous circumstances.
It's not that I can't appreciate the realism of the psychology of the whole thing, but I like seeing people succeed, rise above circumstance, maintain their courage in the face of adversity, pull together through trials... you know, all those good things.

This is probably why I love B-grade action movies so much... as a general rule they are resolved in an incredibly redemptive way. Perhaps not realistic, but I don't necessarily watch television for reality.

That's why I can't sit through Battlestar, because the characters are so real, their issues so real, and all together its all just very annoying.
I want to escape for goodness sake!

Anyway, after all this blathering about television, here are some of my other thoughts for the week - it is Wednesday after all, and while I am running out of lungs to cough up, sickness can't keep me from updating my blog... or complaining about tv.

 I miss my daily jogging path around Raro.

 Disappointment tastes bad.

Look at how little my baby looks! This was taken a year ago... 


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