Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Art Journal - Page 2

Why I do it. 

This page was inspired ENTIRELY by Roy Batty, the deep thinking android from Blade Runner. 

"All these moments will be lost in time, 
like tears in rain."

With no record of them, my moments will disappear with me, and to be 'American Beauty' style sentimental for a moment - life can be poignantly, pleasantly, and even painfully beautiful - and I don't want to lose those snapshots. 

What I think is beautiful says as much (if not more) about me, and my concept of beauty, but things like beauty are highly subjective and I will enjoy looking back one day at these creations which illustrate in more than just words the details that I believe make life truly wonderful. 

This page is layered again... they all are... this time focusing on a photograph I took several years ago while living in Taiwan. 
This man held his granddaughter so carefully as the train moved. I thought it was such a precious moment that I had to take a photo... even though taking photos of strangers is a REALLY creepy thing to do. 

The vintage image of the woman came from a tarot deck which I cut up, because I liked the pictures. (Don't like tarot - I think its freaky) but the lady in this picture seems really sad, and journals should encompass the whole range of emotions that make up our lives. Even the sad ones. 

I cut 2 different papers into strips and wove them together just for some difference in texture. Stuck things down, then painted on the photo and print with acrylic paint - so that I could write legibly over them. 

What inspires you? Collect together some of the words, images, memories that inspire your work and your life and put them onto paper!

Some tips:
  • Old magazine pages make cool paper weaves because it mingles the pictures. 
  • Don't be afraid of painting on/writing on/or cutting photos. You can get them reprinted. (Unless you can't in which case - have a care!)
  • Download free fonts (like I obviously didn't) for ideas, or to print out.


  1. I love your art journals. Hope you're starting to feel better x