Monday, 2 July 2012

Art journaling kits and fun stuff

The idea for travel journal kits, or journal kits... or anything like this, isn't exactly original - I am NOT claiming in any way that this is some grand idea that I had all on my own.

What I did do, was realise that I have an awful lot of goodies collected from years of hoarding, working in a scrapbooking store, and general magpie tendencies. I will never use them all, and that is a real shame, so I have collected some things into packages, made some books to go with them, and come up with these.

I personally think the books are GREAT. These ARE my idea, because I don't like it when books swell up because they get overfilled (which happens all the time) but I also don't like wire ring type bindings.
This way, I have been able to put together a lot of paper that I love, make a book which is wire bound - and can therefore expand as things are stuck into it, but have a cover to protect the spine, and cover it up when it's on the shelf.