Friday, 20 July 2012

The Art Journal - Page 3

THIS IS WHY... continued.

These pages face each other and so I thought it would be good for them to share a theme.

My husband is not an overly sentimental fellow. (understatement)

One day though, I know that I will be glad that I have bothered to write/create/spew these books, because it will help him, and our children, and their children (if they last that long) to know me, and perhaps even him, better.
It certainly isn't my primary motivation, but with one little kiddie-winkle running wild on this world and another one kicking my internal organs (even as I type this), it seems like a nice thought that one day they'd be able to look at these - my creative spewings - and get to know me at 27.

This page has... a wonderful drawing from Ky and Gabe during church, a photo of the boys in Raro, a rubbing or a lino cut plate, and more paper off cuts. (Art journaling is a great way to get rid of scrap paper!)

I also sewed some things on with wool.

Use photos in your pages!These boys are my favourite people, who are yours? Make a page about them! Art journaling is a lot looser than scrap booking and there really are no rules.

Some tips:
  • Try sewing things on. If the paper/card is thick, stab the holes first with an awl. 
  • Make your own paper - with stamps, leaf rubbings, drawings, hand prints...
  • Alphabet stickers are awesome. I know I was all like 'love your handwriting' and you should, but variety is good too. 
 In other news... my camera is no good at taking photos of flat things - like pages of art journals. The edges are ALWAYS blurry.


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